2015 Annual Forum Highlights

ULC members and partners from all over North America gathered together in San Jose this past June for the 2015 ULC Annual Forum: High Tech, High Touch, High Trust. The Annual Forum, which brought together library teams, partners, and local and national leaders, provided members with the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers about emerging technology principles and practices, the value and importance of providing superior customer service, and how the library can continue to serve as the most trusted government institution.

Keynote speakers included:

Chip Heath

High Tech
Dr. Moira Gunn
Host of NPR's Tech Nation

High Touch
Doug Lipp
Consultant, author,
former head of Disney University

High Trust
Chip Heath
Author, professor

In addition to a series of keynotes and panels, ULC members had the chance to mingle with peers, meet new members and gather together in their Member Groups for an afternoon of discussion.

pull quoteThe intimate setting and size of the conference allowed for some of the best networking I've ever had at a library gathering. Also the caliber of the speakers [...] brought inspiration and challenged our thinking, encouraging us to be and do more."


And, for the first time ever, ULC recognized its members’ most cutting-edge programs and services during a special Innovations Celebration at The Tech Museum of Innovation, a National Medal for Museum and Library Service award winner. The award celebration featured special guest speaker, Megan Smith, United States Chief Technology Officer. A highlight of the event was when Susan Benton, President and CEO of ULC, was gifted a letter from President Barack Obama sharing his appreciation for ULC members’ national contribution to education by stating, “Our Nation’s libraries play a critical role as anchors that support learning and strengthens communities. ULC is helping to lead a national conversation about library access that is critical to our civil society.”