2013 ULC Winter Reception

A luminescent view from the 10th floor of The Seattle Public Library (SPL) offered inspiration on January 25 as the ULC community gathered to toast the New Year and celebrate fellowship.

Special thanks to Ingram Content Group for sponsoring our reception and to SPL Director Marcellus Turner and his team for their gracious hospitality.


Crosby_Kemper      Felton_Thomas

Carolyn_Anthony  Winter_Reception_2013  Rhea_Lawson_Roosevelt_Weeks

Eva_Poole   ULC_Winter_Reception_2013   Sonia_Gary_Maria

winter2013   Winter_Reception_2013   Rose_Dawson

Ingram_Content_Group  2013_Winter_Reception_Sponsored_by_Ingram  ULC_Winter_Reception_2013

And, looking forward to seeing many of our wonderful members this summer in Chicago!