ULC webinars leverage the knowledge, tools, experience and perspectives of ULC members. In addition to showcasing members, webinars also engage leaders and innovators from other fields to shed light on issues relevant to the needs of urban libraries today and tomorrow.

The podcast will be emailed to each registered group's contact* within 5 days post-webinar. If your organization does not register for a ULC webinar, you may purchase the podcast post-webinar for $150.


  • $150 - First Team Registration
  • $50 for each  additional site registration


  • $225 - First Team Registration
  • $50 for each additional site registration

*The contact for each registered site receives a link to the podcast which is good for your organization's indefinite and unlimited use. No password is required, and it is good for group and individual listening.

For webinar registration assistance or to purchase a post-webinar podcast, please contact  Jodi Lazar, 312.676.0962.