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Cleveland Public Library
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Problem Statement

Eastman Reading Garden, located between the two building of Main Library, is the prime summer daytime spot in downtown Cleveland. The Library wanted to capitalize on the natural use of the space with a temporary art installation to stimulate public conversations and engage the artistic community.


A collaboration with Cleveland Public Art produced an annual program called See Also. The Library, in partnership with Cleveland Public Art, invites artists, designers, and other creative professionals to create temporary public art projects in the Eastman Reading Garden. The program commissions innovative, thought-provoking works of art that add to the Library's already broad range of educational and cultural programming. Each year, one artist or team of artists is selected to exhibit an installation from May until October in this highly visible and beloved space.


After a call for artists was distributed to artists and designers from the Great Lakes region, Jon Reed and Maier Yagod were selected by a panel of arts professionals to install “Watership Down.” Regular visitors to the Eastman Reading Garden were curious and taken with the rising and falling gables scattered throughout the space. “Watership Down” sparked conversation about the foreclosure crisis gripping Cleveland and the ability of Clevelanders to take such events in stride and begin to rise again. The much anticipated second installation is scheduled to be unveiled in May 2011.