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Raising Service Awareness Through Digital Signage

King County Library System

Innovation Summary

Digital Signage presents a wide array of program and event information to KCLS library users and visitors.

Problem Statement

A growing range of self-service options offer great efficiencies to library patrons and library administrators alike – patrons wait on fewer lines to place holds, search databases, download ebooks, and check-out physical materials while library administrators schedule staff hours more effectively. Lost in this achievement of efficiency is the frequency of direct interaction with library staff and the value they bring to raising awareness of the wider range of library services and programs. Self-service patrons are less likely to expand their use of the library beyond their self-identified service needs.


KCLS launched a Digital Signage program to raise awareness of library services and programs among self-service patrons visiting our libraries. The program launched in 10 locations, with all screens situated in high traffic areas of each library, broadcasting a blend of system-focused and location-specific promotions.


Screens motivated location-specific program attendance, raised awareness of new services, and motivated conversation around popular lending materials via a live feed of checked-out materials.