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Project Management Lite (or Just Enough)

Columbus Metro Library

Problem Statement

Annually CML has had an ambitious tactical plan that consisted of 40-100 individual tactical projects. Traditionally, each project was assigned a lead to ensure that the project was implemented. Each lead approached managing and implementing the project differently. This became problematic. We determined that a consistent approach to managing projects at CML was required. In 2008, CML Project Management Methodology was launched; in 2009 this methodology was further fine tuned and became Project Management Lite (or Just Enough). Our methodology ensures every project has:
  • Purpose & goals that are understood
  • Objectives & metrics
  • Defined activities & deliverables with timelines
  • Clear completion criteria
  • Assigned roles & responsibilities


Taking concepts from the Project Management Institute and several books, CML created its own Project Management process. This process is overseen by the Project Management & Quality division. In addition, CML now has several staff whose main role is to serve as Project Manager’s on key strategic and technical projects.

CML’s project management is the process of defining the extent (scope), planning, staffing, organizing, directing, controlling and closing the development of a product or service at minimum cost within a specific time frame.


As a result, CML now has over 80 trained staff members in our own CML Project Management Methodology (that is based on best practices outlined by the Project Management Institute). Outcomes include:
  • Less re-work due to lack of clarity on purpose and scope of project
  • Consistent forms including Scope Planning, Status Updates, Project Close, and Lessons Learned
  • Consistent approach to managing projects
  • Common language used with project managers, process owners, and sponsors
  • Better project planning and identification of project dependencies and barriers.
  • Increase in staff proficiency on managing projects…. repeatable practice allowing CML to use internal resources. Less use of budgetary dollars on external consultants to manage projects.