Partners for Success: Libraries Leading Learning

Conference Highlights
Seattle, WA  November 12-14


pull quoteIt was a very intense, information-packed time, but so well worth it! Thank you!" 

In November 2013, attendees at ULC's biennial Partners for Success Conference explored - and celebrated - many facets of the catalytic roles that libraries play as centers of high-quality learning in their communities.

Including teams from 48 ULC member libraries - library, local government, school, business and civic leaders focused on how libraries can effectively collaborate and strengthen their impact as leaders in achieving community learning goals.

Held in conjunction with the National League of Cities/Institute for Youth, Education & Families’ National Summit on Your City’s Families, the Partners Conference heralded the launch of a strategic partnership between our two organizations and featured several sessions that bridged our networks of leaders.

Program Highlights

John Seely BrownAmelita_Armit challenged us to embrace characteristics of today’s entrepreneurial learners and the role of libraries as central hubs in community learning ecosystems.

Mayor_SegarraSir Ken Robinson persuaded listeners that in a time of revolutionary change, we need to think about  and nurture the vital talent and creativity of today's learners. 

During featured panel discussions, Mayor Chris Coleman and Mayor Pedro Segarra teamed with Library Directors Matt Poland and Kit Hadley, and emphasized the power of the mayoral pulpit to leverage a city’s assets in pursuit of learning goals.

R_Bibbins_J_GoodrichMary Jean Ryan, Director of theNeil_Albert Roadmap Project, inspired us with her community's collective action approach to achieving educational goals on a continuum from early childhood to college and career.

Philadelphia Deputy Mayor Michael DiBerardinis made the case for the unique political and social value that libraries bring to the advancement of community learning goals.

Post-Conference surveys make clear that participants returned home with a clearer understanding of models in which libraries can be leading learning in their communities. Both the government and community partners who attended the conference left Seattle inspired by a deeper understanding of the possibilities and potential of learning and the role the library can and will play.  The value of integrating libraries into a city's priorities truly hit home for both the ULC community as well as those constituents that NLC/IYEF brought to our new strategic partnership.

 quoteLearning about exemplary library-community partnerships was inspiring and informative. Presentations by education thought leaders brought the potential of these partnerships full circle."   M_Turner_D_Barrow


"Of all the library conferences/forums/workshops I have attended over the years, I find the ULC events to be of the highest caliber and content….I learned more in this short conference than in many week-long events. Kudos to ULC staff for such coordination!   pull quote end