Our Strategic Focus

ULC is a collective voice for its members, showcasing libraries as change agents that transform people and communities. To advocate the value of libraries as 21st century institutions, our programs, communications and other activities emphasize the following strategic themes:

  • Education and Lifelong Learning -- Education transforms the lives of individuals and is the bedrock of vital communities. In the knowledge economy, the library is the community's hub ready to support the education of all citizens at every age and level of need.
  • Digital Evolution -- Libraries are critical anchors for digital access and equity in local communities. For millions of people, libraries are their gateway to the digital universe. To support the digital evolution transforming library practice, ULC spearheads new research, knowledge products and tools.
  • Sustainable Communities -- Libraries are powerful partners for creating sustainable communities. With local government, business and other community organizations, libraries are engines for economic vitality, workforce development, health and wellness, environmental quality and an engaged citizenry.