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Cleveland Public Library
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Problem Statement

Cleveland has a rich mix of educational, cultural and community institutions and organizations. Oftentimes, efforts are duplicated and collaboration toward a common goal is not achieved. The Special Collections Department has a vested interest in promoting the love of books and appreciation for the art of the book, given the depth of the collection and the resources available therein that could be useful for all Clevelanders.


The Cleveland Public Library, Art Books Cleveland, Cleveland State University and Morgan Art of Papermaking came together to promote the love of books and paper. In 2010, these institutions widened the circle to invite others to participate on a planning committee for a large-scale event. This group formed a partnership that resulted in the month-long event called Octavofest. Events in diverse settings included lectures, demonstrations, tours, and exhibits. Octavofest provided the Greater Cleveland area with an introduction to the community of book and paper innovators and highlighted the magnificent library and museum collections of fine and rare books.


Octavofest 2010 was a major step forward in the efforts of Cleveland Public Library to promote the love of books and reach wider audiences for the Special Collections Department. Octavofest 2010 kicked off at the Cleveland Public Library with a panel discussion about the art of the book. Events throughout the month included “show & tell” demonstrations on papermaking and book designing. The partnership between the leading institutions created a sustainable program around the love of books and the art involved in making them that will be an annual event in Cleveland.