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KCPL Digital Content Solution

Kansas City Public Library

Problem Statement

The Kansas City Public Library has several separate repositories and sites where digitized content is stored including several CONTENTdm installations as well as digitized audio and video stored on our servers with web accessible copies hosted on sites like the Internet Archive and Vimeo. The Library wanted to create one repository where all digital content is stored to streamline support and digital preservation activities.

Given the above goal, it was also important to the Library that separate interfaces to repository content be maintained to continue providing an optimal user experience for the targeted user groups served by those sites.


The Library has implemented a Fedora Commons repository and, using a Drupal module and API, will be providing access to repository content via multiple Drupal instances. This allows for the creation of customized access point for repository content. Each Drupal site only has access to the digitized objects assigned to that site and the look and feel is created with the end users of that content in mind.

In addition to the customized Drupal interfaces, a single interface will be created that can search across all content in the repository, eliminating the current scenario where users needing to search across all digitized Library content had to visit multiple sites and learn use multiple search interfaces.


The Library has completed development for the KCResearch site in Drupal on top of the Fedora Commons repository and all digital objects have been migrated from the legacy KCResearch CONTENTdm installation. We are currently updating site content and hiring additional staff before a soft launch in the spring.

In late 2012 it is estimated that all of the library’s digital content will reside in the Fedora Commons repository with access via Drupal interfaces.