ULC is a vibrant member organization that connects North America’s premier public libraries to thought leaders, cutting-edge research, a host of professional development resources and more. We focus on the role of public libraries as essential 21st century educational institutions and their critical placement in building communities. ULC's aim is to provide strong value and benefits for our members as they continuously evolve to meet the needs of their citizens and communities.

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2017 Library Membership Dues Levels

Annual membership dues for libraries are based on the size of a library’s operating budget (local + state). There is no minimum for the size of the population served.

Dues Levels        Library Budget

$13,500                  Over $50    Million
$12,000                  $30 - $50   Million
$10,500                  $20 - $30   Million
$ 9,000                   $10 - $20   Million
$ 6,000                   Under $10  Million

Other support opportunities are also available and welcome.

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