Health, Wellness & Safety

People seek out the library for many reasons related to health, wellness and safety. In addition to reference and other types of educational materials, libraries provide a range of programs and services – often in partnership with other community organizations – to help people manage medical issues, and advance healthy lifestyles, including the preventive activities that ensure people’s and community well-being.

This category recognizes innovations in partnering to advance community health priorities; addressing access to health care and promoting critical health outcomes; participating in public safety initiatives; providing resources for underserved populations; responding to unforeseen crises.

Library Nurses Program2013 Top Innovator
Library Nurses Program >
Pima County Public Library, AZ

2013 Honorable Mention
Community-Led and Safe Communities Initiative >
Edmonton Public Library, B

A Health and Wellness Desert  ›
Kansas City Public Library, MO
Active Shooter Enactments ›
Pikes Peak Library District, CO
Byington Reading Room  ›
Salt Lake County Library Services, UT
Children's Oral Health ›
Pierce County Library System, WA
Safe & Welcoming For All ›
San Francisco Public Library, CA
The Stork Project ›
St. Louis County Library, MO