Health, Wellness & Safety

People seek out the library for many reasons related to health, wellness and safety. In addition to reference and other types of educational materials, libraries provide a range of programs and services – often in partnership with other community organizations – to help people manage medical issues, and advance healthy lifestyles, including the preventive activities that ensure people’s and community well-being.

This category recognizes innovations in partnering with health and wellness providers, providing resources for underserved populations, engaging health and wellness programs for target populations as well as public safety initiatives.

Library Nurses Program2013 Top Innovator
Library Nurses Program >
Pima County Public Library, AZ

2013 Honorable Mention
Community-Led and Safe Communities Initiative >
Edmonton Public Library, B

A Health and Wellness Desert  ›
Kansas City Public Library, MO
Active Shooter Enactments ›
Pikes Peak Library District, CO
Byington Reading Room  ›
Salt Lake County Library Services, UT
Children's Oral Health ›
Pierce County Library System, WA
Safe & Welcoming For All ›
San Francisco Public Library, CA
The Stork Project ›
St. Louis County Library, MO