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Hartford Neighborhood Standards

Hartford Public Library
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Problem Statement

Several years ago a Hartford Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ) adopted a neighborhood standards document, addressing a variety of quality of life issues such as noise, litter, loitering, street racing, dumping, and graffiti. The document was created in conjunction with the Hartford Police Department and was distributed to NRZ residents and to Police officers, many of whom found it useful in dealing with neighborhood quality of life issues as they arose. The document was used only in the NRZ where it originated (there are 12 other NRZs in the city). By 2009, the document had become outdated, and Hartford 2000 (the umbrella organization for the 13 NRZs) wanted to adapt it for use citywide rather than in just one NRZ.


The Hartford Public Library helped Hartford 2000 update the neighborhood standards document by researching city ordinances and state statutes and revising the neighborhood standards as needed. The Library was also able to translate the document into Spanish. The Library hosted a meeting of Hartford 2000 representatives with the Chief of Police and the Director of the Community Court to get their input and buy-in. Library staff participated in a discussion of the new standards document with all 13 NRZs. A kick-off event with the Mayor and other elected officials, in which the Library will participate, will be held in the spring.


The Library has made major contributions to Hartford’s new citywide neighborhood standards document and in the process has built and/or strengthened many relationships throughout the city. The document will be helpful to residents and others n the neighborhoods, as well as the Hartford Police Department, in dealing with quality of life issues.