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Gadget Garage

Chattahoochee Valley Libraries

Problem Statement

Staff at Chattahoochee Valley Libraries was largely inexperienced in the use of the technology devices our customers were bringing to the library. In 2009 we subscribed to a downloadable eBook/audiobook service and wanted to make sure staff would be able to assist customers with questions. We wanted our staff to feel comfortable using these devices and become a trusted technology resource for our customers.


The idea of a “Gadget Garage” of technology tools was developed to provide opportunities for staff to play and learn how to use these devices in a fun, pressure-free environment. The gadgets would also be available for more knowledgeable staff to offer technology programs to customers. A technology endowment was used to purchase several items including: Kindles, Sony E-Book Readers, iTouchs, an iPod, Flip videocameras, and notebook computers.


Many CVL staff members have taken advantage of the gadget garage. They can sign out an item, take it home and learn how to use it. Some staff members have decided to buy their own device after borrowing a gadget item.

These devices have also been used to train staff on downloading audiobooks and eBooks via our website, so they can see the entire process and be better able to assist customers.

“Book a Librarian” sessions will be offered in the near future. These sessions will allow customers to schedule one-on-one training to learn how to use specific devices or how to do specific tasks, such as download an eBook from our subscription service.