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Fayette County Cemeteries Map

Lexington Public Library, KY
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Innovation Summary

The Lexington Public Library has taken an old local history resource, an index of local cemeteries, updated it, and put it online. The Fayette County Cemeteries Map plots more than 100 cemeteries on an interactive map, with links to photographs, where available.

Problem Statement

The Kentucky Room at the Lexington Public Library receives numerous visits from genealogists and historians. Cemetery records play an important role in their research, and over the years, the Kentucky Room staff has compiled an index of local cemeteries, including equine cemeteries. However, the index was only available in the Kentucky Room. Genealogists and historians conducting research online had no access to the index, and the location information couldn't direct researchers to sites as effectively as an interactive map on a mobile device. The Kentucky Room's cemetery information needed to be updated and made more widely available, as well as made available in more useful ways.


The online Fayette County Cemeteries Map uses Google Maps to plot all the known local cemeteries. They may be looked up by cemetery name, by type (public, private, church or denomination, equine, and former or lost). A link to "Find A Grave" allows searching by a person's name. Where available, a photo of the cemetery is included. The site includes a version optimized for use by mobile devices. Kentucky Room staff member Patrick Lynch created the map based on information from the Fayette County Cemetery Index, state and local highway maps, and from input from Kentucky Room customers. With the arrival of spring, the plan is to visit sites to verify locations and add to the number of pictures available. The library plans to solicit the help of the community in this endeavor.


The library currently has more than 100 cemeteries plotted on the Fayette County Cemeteries Map. The expectation is that with community input, that number will reach close to 200. After mapping the first group of cemeteries for Fayette County, the Kentucky Room staff were able to streamline and speed up the process and will soon have expanded the map to include cemeteries in surrounding counties.