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Jefferson County Public Library

Problem Statement

With the increased needs of job searchers in Jefferson County both Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) and the Jefferson County Workforce Center (JCWC) had limited capacity in their computer labs, and potential users were not always able to come to either a Library or Workforce Center location.


These two organizations collaborated to create the eTrain, a mobile computer training lab. The eTrain is a renovated bookmobile that has eight student computer stations and one instruction station. The Library purchased the bookmobile and several business related databases. The Workforce Center paid for the renovation of the vehicle, including adding a wheelchair lift and solar panels and purchased a homework help and resume assistance service.


The eTrain:
  • Offers hands on training in computer and Internet skills at various locations around the county.
  • Provides service to any non-profit organization in Jefferson County.
  • Provides resume and cover letter software and resources.
  • Shows people how to use the job and career resources that are available through the Library, the Workforce Center and on the web.
  • Visits community events to promote the service to new audiences.
  • Works with libraries to add computer training capacity at sites with no dedicated lab.
  • Working towards offering programs to specific audiences on work skills, small business development and career building topics.