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Employment Assistance Provider Networking Day

Pima County Public Library

Problem Statement

The Pima County Public Library and other local agencies and organizations have been working to support local job seekers hit hard by the failing economy. There has been a surge in need and a scramble to determine which agencies and organizations offer what services. At a time when people are feeling desperate and unprepared for a job hunt, it is vital for local community organizations to be able to guide job seekers and provide them with the knowledge to seek out employment in an efficient and safe way. Working with community partners and establishing a Networking Day, allows us to see the duplications and to fill in the gaps in order to provide the best possible support for the job seeking community.


The Employment Assistance Provider Networking Day provides opportunities to connect Employment Assistance Providers with agency and non-profit resources. The half-day event includes a live poster session, networking opportunities and an exhibit where participants can learn strategies and become familiar with community services to help sustain and support job seekers. The combined education and one-stop connections to sources and program support help to identify the overlap and duplication in services as well as determining where the gaps exist and how they can be filled.


Representatives from 10 different agencies and organizations attended, equaling close to 40 Employment Assistance Providers together in the same room. Ideas on how to improve support for the job seeker and information about which agency or organization offers what services were exchanged. Putting together this day of networking succeeded in creating a forum for organizations to find each other and improve services set in place to support the job seeker.