A team of leading telecommunications lawyers in Washington, DC, is working with the Urban Libraries Council (ULC) to develop recommendations for changing the federal E-Rate program so that more libraries receive more discounts on telephone and internet costs.

Reed Hundt, who developed E-Rate as chair of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, is now one of the attorneys advising ULC on how to adjust the program to fit a shifting digital landscape. Read more >>


Current Recommendations

ULC Filing >>
April 7, 2014
ULC submitted a filing to the Federal Communications Commission with refined recommendations for strengthening the U.S. E-Rate program so that public libraries remain “the primary free public Internet access point in civil society.”

ULC E-Rate Fact Sheet

Modernizing the E-Rate Program >>
February 2014

ULC E-Rate White Paper

Modernizing the E-Rate Program to Support the Public Library Role in Lifelong Learning >>
February 2014

Connected_CommNew America Foundation Forum Podcast

Co-sponsored by Urban Libraries Council
Connected Communities in the Age of Digital Learning:
A Vision for a 21st century E-Rate Program >>

Podcast published February 27, 2014 (run time 01:38:17)

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Libraries Angle for Bigger Role in E-Rate >>
Article by Caitlin Emma
12/02/13 5:05 AM EST