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CCPL Mobile

Cuyahoga County Public Library
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Problem Statement

Cuyahoga County Public Library’s vision is to be the most convenient library in the nation. We set out to create a smart phone and tablet application that would embrace our customers’ evolving portable technology, providing an enhanced user experience.


Utilizing technology developed by Boopsie Inc., CCPL Mobile offers customers the unprecedented convenience of checking out items right from their smart phone. The application features direct access to the customer’s account, a GPS-enabled branch locator and links to the library’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Library users can also read and contribute reviews on the library’s online catalog. It’s available free from customers’ respective app stores and works on all smart phone and tablet platforms.


Whether the customer needs to pick up an item in a rush or wants more information while browsing the stacks, it’s all about convenience. Through CCPL Mobile, Cuyahoga County Public Library will provide the growing number of smart phone and tablet users a new way to connect to library resources on their terms.