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Capital Infrastructure Modernization and Improvements

Brooklyn Public Library

Problem Statement

Brooklyn Public Library has an aging infrastructure system that is kept operational by diligent maintenance and capital improvements. Our infrastructure upgrade needs far exceed available capital funding, while dwindling operational funds adversely impact both maintenance and staffing costs. At the same time, the demand for our libraries to stay in operation has never been greater. We want to make full use of any capital funds to replace these systems to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency with minimal attention. This will enable us to utilize our workforce more efficiently in the future.


All new replacement equipment and systems also include replacement or provision of BMS (Building Management System) controls that enable us to control the heating and cooling temperature in the various building zones, save energy in keeping with the goals of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s PlaNYC2030, and facilitate remote monitoring of all systems for prompt troubleshooting.


We greatly minimize or prevent any unplanned closures due to system failures in the branches that have BMS controls. Our libraries can remain in operation and continue serving the public. BPL also participates in the New York City Cooling Centers program which maintains a list of all facilities where people can go to for relief from the heat in the summer. Even though we are enthusiastically supported by our Mayor and elected officials, capital funding is limited and unpredictable. This is an investment and strategy that provides both immediate and long term benefits.