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Business of People (BOP) Management Development Training

Columbus Metro Library
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Problem Statement

Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) prides itself on its training programs for its 700 plus staff. In 2007 CML wanted a training geared towards its 100 managers as a result of an annual organizational climate survey. There was a need to develop managers and give them more skills to respond to and develop their staff, regardless of the situation.


Business of People (BOP) is unique consulting process that works with organizations to make foundational changes that make deep, impacting changes. In 2007, members of the executive leadership team at CML began working with BOP on personal coaching to hone their skills as the strategic and tactical leaders of the organization. This coaching was so successful and brought about so much change with the leadership; it was decided to bring this to our 100 managers. In March of 2008 CML contracted with BOP and sent 100 managers though 55 hours of management development training. CML’s Management Development Training Program was designed to engage staff in understanding and sharing the business strategies to ensure that every employee feels connected to our mission, vision, values and strategies. Topics included being clear and direct, developing direct reports, raising staff morale, conflict management and the process of change, including helping staff cope with rapid change. CML made this a top organizational priority and these managers were expected to attend. Because our employees are essential to the long-term success of CML, we wanted to continually invest in our managers. Sending these managers through this training was a significant step in that investment. The first year of management development training was so successful 8 CML staff members began their own train-the-trainer sessions to become certified to teach the BOP skills themselves. In 2009, 50 additional managers and project managers went through BOP. In this second year, the newly certified CML trainers paired with BOP trainers to teach this training. We are happy to say that in 2010 we will send 30 CML staff through this training which will be taught entirely by CML certified trainers. We will continue to use BOP for consulting.


Now we have managers working more effectively with their direct reports and sharing a common vocabulary. The managers and the leadership team are committed to the long term success and on-going development of their staff and this training. BOP, Management Development Training has brought about a change in the culture at CML. The language from the training is now used in everyday conversations throughout the organization. We have launched a BOP mentor program, BOP brown bag lunches which we hold every month where staff gather for lunch and discussion. Our managers are accountable for developing not only themselves, but their employees and this is reflected in the annual performance assessment. We are using train-the-trainer to continue this training and save costs. CML is committed to making this a top priority throughout the organization as this training continues to change the culture of CML for the better!