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Building Automation System

Columbus Metro Library
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Problem Statement

Calls requesting service to HVAC equipment required hours of Maintenance Technician time to evaluate, even when there was no equipment malfunction. In a system comprised of 22 locations over a wide geographic area travel time to and from various locations to troubleshoot non- existent problems, seriously undermined productivity, resulted in needless overtime expense and reduced time available for necessary maintenance duties.


Installation of a WEB based Building Automation System (BAS) which provides real time status of our HVAC equipment at each of our 22 facilities.


HVAC verification trips were eliminated. Repair trips were reduced substantially. Other benefits we’ve realized from this system include:
  • By using trend analysis we are able to observe patterns in building behavior and take corrective measures to provide a more comfortable environment.
  • Our BAS allows control of night set back temperatures, improving efficiency.It allows timed control of exterior and interior lighting.
  • It allows restricting up lighting when temperatures begin to rise and lighting is adequate without them.
  • By using CO2 monitors we are able to control outside air intake making our systems more efficient.
  • We schedule HVAC to remain on overnight when carpet cleaning occurs.
  • System alarms allow us to be proactive when problems arise, even after hours. All systems can be monitored at any time from any location with computer access.
  • Optional electric utility supply monitoring was able to show that our electric provider was not consistently providing the voltages they said they were, facilitating changes on their equipment.
  • We have been able to more accurately control reset schedules on our boiler systems to improve efficiency.
  • We use real time monitoring of our UPS system for our Digital Services department to assure continuous “Up Time”.
  • We are able to diagnose chiller problems before they adversely affect our customer service.
  • Counts toward LEED’s points.
  • Beneficial for Energy Star certification.