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Adult Literacy/ESL

Pike's Peak Library District
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Problem Statement

There is a need to understand movies with the phrases and American idioms used. Movies are a part of the American culture and a talking point for individuals with friends and family.


It is very difficult to understand movies in foreign languages; that is the reason why it is important to motivate and encourage English language learning individuals to watch movies in English to “practice their ears”. This study group is designed to be most effective for upper-level ESL learners who can already understand English well enough to distinguish the beginning and end of sentences. The learners watch the movie, stopping at a natural pause point (approximately every 15 to 20 minutes), and discuss in English what they did or did not understand in the previous segment. Each selected movie for this study group comes with a language guide such as phrasal verbs, idioms and cultural specifics. The study group is designed for 8 to 10 learners and 2 facilitators.


Watching and discussing movies will enable English language learning individuals to improve their comprehension of colloquial vocabulary given in the accompanying film, and it will aid in their communication with native English speakers.