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Adult Book Adventures

Denton Public Library – North Branch

Problem Statement

To develop a program which meets the interests of Denton’s special needs adult population.


Adult Book Adventures was created to meet the interests of the special needs adult population. The program is theme based with books and craft or activity to support the theme. The program is for an adult audience but the information is made simple for ease of comprehension. The crafts/activities are created to encourage and challenge the limits of the individual. The challenge for the programmer is to seek adult themes, create crafts/activities which challenge the individual’s creativity and limits, and to make each program as interesting as possible.


With a special needs population the simple of achievements are leaps and milestone for the individual. Sitting to listen to a story read out loud, participating in an activity, whether individually or in a group, communicating with others, showing interest in what is going on around them, entering the library in an orderly and quiet manner have been challenges to some in this group. Every program brings a new experience and challenge not only to the individual but to the programmer as well. The feedback from caregivers is that this program helps teach the individual how to behave in a library, encourages group participation in a setting away from their facility, and draws out the reluctant individual to participate. Some of the individual have made the comment that they love coming to the library because they love to hear the stories, do the crafts, and it’s just fun! An indication this program has been well received by this community is that other agencies are asking if they can be part of Adult Book Adventures.