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Combating Toxic Stress: How to Build a Healthy Community 
Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Featuring: Kristen Sorth, Director, St. Louis County Library 

St. Louis County Library Director, Kristen Sorth, and the team at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri discussed Combating Toxic Stress: How to Build a Healthy Community. During the webinar they discussed how the library can play an active role in combating toxic stress. This webinar addresses the research available by discussing the For the Sake of All report, which began as an exploration of health disparities but has evolved into a mission to eliminate racial inequities and improve the health of all people in the St. Louis region. The program also discusses the specific services and partnerships implemented by the library to address toxic stress and concludes with a closer look at the partnership between St. Louis County Library and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri.

Enhancing Your Community's Economic Stability 
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Featuring: Gabe Morley, Director, Atlanta-Fulton Public Library and Katie O'Connor, Adult Servies Coordinator, Scottsdale Public Library

This webinar focuses on the architecture of workforce development programs and facilities within public libraries. During the program, Gabe Morley, Director of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System will discuss his book, Building Workforce Literacy in Libraries, and share the blueprint for transforming your library into a hub for connecting career opportunities with job seekers while raising the profile of your organization to local businesses. As an experienced library director and adult education specialist, Gabe will offer approaches as to how you can apply theories of adult education pedagogy to create effective literacy and career development programs for the overall benefit of your community. 
Listeners will also hear from Katie O'Conner, Adult Services Coordinator at the Scottsdale Public Library. In 2016, the SPL team won a ULC Honorable Mention for their Innovation in Workforce and Economic Development - Eureka Loft Scottsdale. Katie will talk about the impetus and creation of the space and discuss how partnerships fostered the space's growth. She also shares how Eureka Loft was designed to democratize entrepreneurship and assist with workforce development through start-up education, one-on-one mentoring, job coaching, and guidance on securing funding. 

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Transforming Your Library from the Inside Out
Thursday, January 26, 2017
Featuring: Mary Lee Kennedy and Dawn Zimmerer-Collins
In 2014, the New York Public Library (NYPL) decided it was time to shift its strategic direction based on community needs. They engaged the entire staff, all 2,500 individuals, and asked them to reshape the library through conversation. They wanted to meet the diverse needs of their patrons, provide a high standard of service, and make it easier for staff to do their work. Using a technique called 'innovation communities', NYPL set to improve its services by structuring strategic conversations that built better patron and staff experiences. Through staff feedback and a cost-benefit analysis, they decided to focus their innovation communities around three core library functions: circulation, collections and reference. Once the teams were formed and had evaluated options for improvements, they presented their recommendations for achievement to senior leaders. Discussions with senior management and a series of staff recommendations led to the adoption of NYPL using innovation communities as a critical innovation practice.

Join speakers Mary Lee Kennedy and Bruce Strong as they discuss the importance of strategy shaping and how this technique rebuilt and repositioned the interior workings of the New York Public Library. Hear first-hand about the process, challenges, and staff feedback while learning how the social bonds created by the innovation communities continue to be an integral part of the library's efforts to embrace its strategic direction.

NYPL's work was recently highlighted by Harvard Business Review as an example for all businesses to follow.

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