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2010 Alternative Press Festival

Salt Lake City Public Library
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Problem Statement

Libraries across the country are looking for ways to capture the 20-something audience and stay relevant to the age group between "children" and "those with children." SLCPL was also looking for ways to provide deeply-local programming and showcase local talent and activate our Main Library.


The 2010 Alternative Press Festival was a day-long event that showcased local zine-makers, printmakers, artists, musicians, film-makers and more who embody the independent spirit and do-it-yourself ideals.


The Alternative Press Festival had over 500 attendees, most of them teens and 20-somethings, filling our Urban Room (the entrance atrium of our Main Library) with energy. The event provided an opportunity for local artists and creatives to show off their talents and wares and for SLCPL to position itself as an organization that celebrates creativity, curiosity, free speech, and independent spirit. The Alternative Press Festival also highlighted SLCPL's Alternative Press Collection, one of the largest collections of zines and independently produced materials in the world, which entices attendees of the one-day event to return to the Salt Lake City Public Library week after week.